Maker space wars

Years 5 and 6 project

Otford Public School

Driving questions

  • How can we introduce STEM to our school in a meaningful and engaging way?
  • How can we run a successful film festival to raise money for a Year 6 leaving present?

Maker space wars

Maker space wars is a project based solar system themed STE(A)M unit which integrates English, science and technology, creative arts and mathematics. Students:

  • investigate and explore the topic
  • plan and create a short science fiction film
  • apply knowledge and skills.

The project culminates in a student-led short film festival, during which students share, explain and reflect on their learning journey with family, friends and members of the wider school community. Students recognise the value of working collaboratively and discovered that nothing is ever perfect – each step along the way leads to new questions and new opportunities to learn.

Project materials

Otford PS – STEM unit of work (DOCX 4.1MB)

Otford PS action plan – Stage 3 STEM (DOCX 45KB)

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