Infinity and beyond

Writing and illustration of STEM project
Image: Student writing about the project

Project for Years K to 6

Islington Public School

Driving questions

  • How does STEM pedagogy allow us to develop in students that would be missed without this approach?
  • How can STEM be embedded in the day to day learning of students and avoid a tokenistic approach?
  • How do you ensure deep discipline knowledge is developed and maintained for teachers and students?
  • What is the progression of skills and knowledge that should occur K-6 and can these be mapped on a developmental continuum?
  • What skills, knowledge and understanding, and ways of learning can and should be assessed and what is the best way to do this and when?
  • What systems of accountability for curriculum mapping, assessment and reporting are in place?

Infinity and beyond

Our project was based on collaborative capacity building across the entire teaching staff and a clearly articulated progression of pedagogy from K-6. The biggest change has been in teachers’ knowledge of the syllabus documents and ways of thinking about teaching and learning. Student voice and creativity are central to our practice with a stronger focus on collaboration between all staff across stages and within classrooms.

Project materials

Islington Public School Infinity and beyond (DOCX 47KB)

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