Chicken coop

Project for Years 5 and 6

Eden Public School

Driving questions

  • Why is it necessary to use a standard unit of measure?
  • How do you determine the appropriate unit of measure?
  • How can we best use the Tarerergudje Outdoor Learning area?
  • What are the requirements of an effective and efficient chicken coop?
  • What materials do we need?

A chicken coop for Tarerergudje

We proposed for Stage 3 students to create an outdoor learning area to enhance student well-being. We decided by incorporating a chicken coop, we would provide a much needed and valuable opportunity for all students’ sense of well-being and mental health in the raising of and caring for chickens. This project has highlighted the necessity for integration of curriculum areas for 21st Century learners. Our knowledge and use of the new syllabuses has been enhanced and consolidated through the development and implementation of this model. This project enabled us to reach ‘all’ students particularly those who are often disengaged, maintaining interest throughout.
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