Stage 3

Sample STEM projects highlighting processes for embedding STEM in school culture and in classroom teaching and learning practice.

A firefighter with a yellow shirt listening to a studentwith a tablet in front of him.
Image: Project firestorm launch

Design – What influences design?

STEM fair – How do we actively engage students in the development and production of quality design projects?

Bees – Why is STEM education important for our students?

Built environment – How do building designs meet the social and environmental needs of users?

Bushfires – How can the impact of bushfires on people and places be reduced?

Chicken coop – What are the requirements of an effective and efficient chicken coop for our outdoor learning space?

Climate change – How are living things responding to climate change?

Environment for chickens – How can we create an environment for chickens that is aesthetically pleasing, environmentally conscious and sustainable?

Design a chicken coop – If you were given the job of designing a chicken coop for our school, what would it look like and what elements would you need to consider?

Greenhouse – How can we design and create a greenhouse best suited for the school environment?

Living sustainably – How can we live more sustainably?

Sustainability – How can we reduce our waste and become more sustainable?

Sustainable garden environments – How can we create sustainable garden environments within our school and in turn help our school and local community?

Learning space – How can we make our classroom an effective and flexible 21 century learning space?

Maker space – Developing a maker space

Maker space wars – Maker space wars

Playground – Does our 3-6 playground need an upgrade?

Infinity and beyond – What does STEM pedagogy allow us to develop in students that would be missed without this approach?

Entrepreneurial enterprise – How can we start up a successful enterprise to meet the needs of our community?

Happiness – What makes a happy place?

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