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Learning across the curriculum

Learning across the curriculum includes both general capabilities and cross curriculum priorities to be incorporated into your programming of science in Stages 4 and 5.

Cross curriculum priorities

The following resources may assist with the programming of two of the cross curriculum priorities:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures
  • sustainability.

Syllabus BITES – Caring for country contains information and resources on how the traditional knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is being used to make better land management decisions.

Syllabus BITES – Traditional knowledge and sustainable ecosystems explores ways traditional knowledge and practices have been used to promote sustainable land management practices.

General capabilities – literacy

The following teaching ideas link science syllabus outcomes with the clusters of the literacy continuum K–10.

Body systems (DOCX 52KB) (SC4–15LW4c)
Teaching idea – read and evaluate information on scientific research into energy drinks.
Literacy cluster 14 – comprehension

Body systems (PDF 225KB) (SC4–14LW3e)
Teaching idea – engage with the content of an article and use technical vocabulary to reconstruct a text.
Literacy clusters 13 and 14 – reading texts

Mixtures (PDF 425KB) (SC4–17CW3d, e)
Teaching idea – use a visual text on water recycling to challenge ideas and thoughts.
Literacy cluster 13 – comprehension

Cells (PDF 335KB) (SC4–14LW2a, b)
Teaching idea – use visual organisers to comprehend factual text.
Literacy cluster 13 – comprehension

Atmosphere (PDF 649KB) (SC5–12ES3c)
Teaching idea – use strategies to unpack and comprehend a text that contains complex or unfamiliar language.
Literacy cluster 15 – comprehension and vocabulary knowledge

Global warning/future energy (PDF 141KB) (SC5-13ES3c)
Teaching idea – explore different perspectives on global warming.
Literacy cluster 16 –comprehension.

Medical and industrial use of nuclear energy (PDF 202KB) (SC5-16CW1e)
Teaching idea – evaluate a variety of websites to investigate usage, benefits and risks of nuclear energy.
Literacy cluster 15 – reading texts and comprehension

Teaching literacy in science in Year 7 (PDF 821KB) is a useful resource that includes units of work, models, annotations and scaffolds to assist the teaching of literacy skills in science.

General capabilities – numeracy

Science students demonstrate numeracy skills outlined in the numeracy continuum K–10 through the measurement, collection, organisation and analysis of data from first-hand investigations and secondary sources. They also identify trends and patterns in numerical graphs and data.

The numeracy skills framework supports the successful integration of numeracy in science programming.

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