Physics in Stage 6 science furthers students' knowledge and understanding of the physical world strand in science K-10. Students continue to develop their working scientifically skills and engage in developing an understanding of the physical behaviour of the universe and the laws used to describe it.

The physics syllabus focuses on engaging students in understanding and modelling physical laws and the interrelationship of matter and energy. Students have an opportunity to investigate natural phenomena and apply models, theories and laws to explain the behaviour of objects in the universe. There is an emphasis on mathematics to explain physical laws and theories, including practical investigations and modelling. Throughout the course, students will also develop an understanding of the history, nature, practice and applications of physics.

Support materials for the new physics syllabus

The following support materials may be adapted by teachers to meet the individual needs of their schools. They will be published progressively in Term 4 2017. The support materials were developed by NSW public school teachers as part of the Stage 6 mEsh project where 62 teachers led writing teams (over 150 teachers) across NSW.

The following websites may be useful in the teaching of physics.

CERN: Quantum physics and the standard model of atom

This resource is aimed at physics students. The interactive resource allows students to:

  • explore the workings of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland
  • learn key terms and concepts around particle physics
  • complete tasks that complement the Physics syllabus
  • analyse real data collected by the CERN ATLAS detector
  • virtually liaise and meet with CERN scientists
  • extend their learning experiences by exposing them to working scientists and real world applications of particle physics.

The resource can be coupled with masterclasses which will be available on the DARTS Connections website. The Particle Physics Masterclass provides students with the opportunity to:

  • Participate in a masterclass with working scientists at the forefront of their field
  • Build their physics knowledge and understanding
  • Experience real scientific work by analysing actual ATLAS data
  • Improve their skills in scientific data analysis
  • Understand the principles that allow scientists to draw conclusions and new insights from data
  • Meet syllabus outcomes in a meaningful way through participating in a cutting-edge real world context.

The resource can be extended beyond the NSW Stage 6 Physics syllabus and may provide the basis for depth studies to be undertaken.

The resource fulfils knowledge and understanding for the Physics Stage 6 Syllabus (Amended October 2002) © NSW Education Standards Authority core modules 9.2 Space and 9.4 From Ideas to Implementation, and the option module 9.8 Quanta to Quarks. Additionally, it fulfils knowledge and understanding for the Physics Stage 6 Syllabus (2017) © NSW Education Standards Authority modules 6: Electromagnetism, 7: The Nature of Light and 8: From the Universe to the Atom.

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) have support resources such as sample units and assessments for the physics syllabus.

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