These sample units are not exemplars but a sample of what could be developed to implement the syllabus in a primary school setting. Always refer to the Science K–10 (Incorporating Science and Technology K–6) Syllabus in the first instance and consider your students' interests and abilities, relevance and your unique context.

Sample units

Material world – materials around us

This Early Stage 1 unit focuses around the Material World substrand. At Putney PS, Science and Technology was taught as an RFF subject by several teachers. This unit describes and outlines their journey and how it is implemented in their unique context.

These activities are part of the unit of learning, Material world – materials around us, and are designed to be used with an interactive whiteboard (IWB).

Physical world – light and sound, push and pull

This Stage 1 unit outlines the process followed by Leumeah PS as they implemented the light and sound/push and pull concepts. Explore how they taught the content of this substrand through the skills strands.

Material world

This multistage unit reflects the journey Melrose PS took to gain a deeper understanding of the Material World. This unit has been developed to suit their unique context of a small school in the Northern Sydney area.


This activity is part of the unit of learning, Material world, and is designed to be used with an interactive whiteboard (IWB).

Built environments

Lugarno PS developed this unit after students came back to class from a Student Representative Meeting. Students K-6 complained about a section of playground which had deteriorated from overuse. Follow their journey of the development of a unit based on student voice and direction.

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