Primary statewide staffrooms

The NSW K-6 statewide staffroom is a trusted, online space for primary teachers to share ideas for teaching and learning, ask questions, access curriculum resources and tap into the expertise of the primary curriculum team. There are three NSW K-6 Statewide Staffrooms:

  • Metropolitan NSW K-6 statewide staffroom
  • Regional NSW K-6 statewide staffroom
  • Rural NSW K-6 statewide staffroom

Using three staffrooms allows our curriculum experts to better target the needs of teachers in specific locations across NSW. Any announcements and resources will be automatically posted across all three spaces.

Subscribe the staffroom of your choice. You may need to log in using your department email.

K-6 virtual staff meetings are hosted regularly in the each of the NSW K-6 statewide staffrooms. These 30-minute live sessions feature interviews with teachers and curriculum experts from across NSW sharing ideas, resources and illustrations of practice. Each K-6 virtual staff meeting contributes 30 minutes of NESA registered professional development upon competition of a reflection survey.

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