Sustainability – Picture books

This resource aims to:

  • suggest picture books to support the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability and the general capabilities of personal and social capability and civics and citizenship within the context of human society and its environment (HSIE)

  • promote the value of using picture books in learning in K-10 geography and history

This resource aims to provide snapshots of learning activities that enable students to:

  • thoughtfully explore and investigate their world

  • develop and practise skills in historical and geographical inquiry

  • acquire knowledge and understandings about ecological systems that support life on Earth and our wellbeing

  • recognise that there is a diversity of world views on ecosystems, values and social justice that relate to action for sustainability

  • build capacity and be empowered to think and act in ways that lead to a more sustainable future

  • propose strategies and undertake actions and behaviours for sustainability.

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