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Narrator – Think differently about maths with our new digital hub, Everyday Maths.

With over 200 curated resources for parents and carers, to inspire our students to see maths in everyday places and everyday things.

It's an online tool at

Co-designed by New South Wales teachers, tested by mums, dads, and carers.

The hub offers practical tools that shine a light on maths in everyday life.

The aim of the hub is to give parents and carers a trusted place they can go to get started, to build their confidence with maths, to support them in connecting with their children through maths, and empower them to foster skills in their children to find problems, to solve problems, to notice and to wonder about mathematical ideas that surround us everyday.

With creative video explainers of maths topics for students, interactive activities, inspiring reading lists, and fun games, for students, parents, and carers to complete together, and make the experience personal, by using filters from Kindy to Year 10.

Let's improve maths outcomes and start a larger conversation, by reshaping the way parents see maths.

We have an incredible opportunity with this tool.

Let's invite all the parents and carers we know to join us because maths belongs to all of us.

Jump online and see for yourself.

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