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Mathematics building blocks for numeracy eLearning assists teachers to implement evidence-based practices in support of improved student numeracy outcomes. Each of the 4 courses has an eLearning component and a deliverable.

Each individual course is available in MyPL:

The development of graph understanding in the mathematics curriculum (PDF 2.3MB) is a report detailing the importance of graphs in the mathematics curriculum. It focuses on the application of graphs for portraying data, and their potential as instruments for reasoning about quantitative information.


The SyllabusPLUS series of Adobe Connect sessions was made to assist teachers with the implementation of the NSW syllabuses for the Australian curriculum. Recordings of the sessions can be found below. Schools can schedule events in MyPL (staff only) using the appropriate course code.

Course code Course video Transcript of video
NR05467 Understanding the syllabus Transcript of 'Understanding the syllabus'
NR05466 Maths in context: embedding learning across the curriculum areas Transcript of 'Maths in context' embedding learning across the curriculum areas'
NR05469 What's new: number and algebra Transcript of 'What's new: number and algebra'
NR05468 What's new: measurement and geometry Transcript of 'What's new :measurement and geometry'
NR05470 What's new: statistics and probability Transcript of 'What's new ? statistics and probability'
NR05772 Making connections-part A Transcript of 'Making connections-part A'
NR05771 Making connections-part B Transcript of 'Making connections-part B'
NR05770 Key concepts within the syllabus Transcript of 'Key concepts within the syllabus'
NR05770 Key concepts-a language focus Transcript of 'Key concept-a language focus'
NR06217 The numeracy continuum and the syllabus Transcript of 'The numeracy continuum and the syllabus'
NR06223 Assessment and reporting Transcript of 'Assessment and reporting'
NR06224 General capabilities in practice Transcript of 'General capabilities in practice'
NR06225 Working mathematically?problem solving Transcript of 'Working mathematically?problem solving'
NR06639 Using SyllabusPLUS at your school Transcript of 'Using SyllabusPLUS at your school'
NR06638 MoneySmart teaching Transcript of 'MoneySmart teaching'
NR06637 Integrating STEM in the primary classroom Transcript of 'Integrating STEM in the primary classroom'

Working mathematically-communicating

Transcript of 'Working mathematically-communicating'
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