Study tours, sister schools and exchange programs

All study tours into NSW government schools are centrally booked through DE International.

If you are contacted directly by an agent, organisation or overseas group (student or adult) wishing to visit your school (unless through your school's sister school relationship), please forward the request to the Study Tours team at DE International.

Sister school visits are reciprocal and non-commercial – no payments are made to the school. Establishing a sister school is at the discretion of the principal and does not need to go through DE International.

For more information, see the policy and guidelines for overseas student and group visits, including the implementation documentation and the link to related documents which has a sample memorandum of understanding for sister schools.

If the sister-school wishes to visit your school and you will not do a return visit overseas, the visit should be arranged as a study tour through DE International.


DE International is always looking for new schools to host overseas groups. Please contact the Study Tours team if you'd like to be involved.


Study Tours program
Phone: +61 2 8293 6911 /  +61 1300 300 229

Exchange programs

NSW student exchange programs may only be operated by registered student exchange organisations (SEOs). SEOs and exchange programs are registered and overseen by the NSW Registration Committee for International Secondary Student Exchange, through DE International.

SEOs must be compliant with both the National Guidelines for the Operation of International Secondary Student Exchange Programs in Australia and the Guidelines for Operation of Secondary Student Exchange in New South Wales. SEOs are required to ensure incoming and outbound student exchange activity is conducted on a reciprocal basis and meet child protection legislative requirements.

Exchange students must hold a Visa Subclass 500 and an Acceptance Advice for Secondary Student Exchange (AASES) form to enrol in a NSW school. Principals should confirm their acceptance of the exchange student enrolment by endorsing the AASES Request Form prior to the AASES form being issued by DE International.

Students may enrol in NSW schools for a minimum period of one term and a maximum of one year. Outbound students may enrol for a minimum of 10 weeks and a maximum of one year in overseas schools.

Shorter international study experiences are not student exchange programs and must operate as a study tour, or be arranged through a sister school agreement or Departmental Memorandum of Understanding.

Further information on study tours and sister schools can be found at Overseas students and visitors.

Outbound school excursions or visits to sister schools must comply with the Excursions policy.

If you are contacted by a company offering student exchange, that is not listed on our website, please forward the request to


Secondary Student Exchange program
Phone: +61 2 8293 6982 / +61 1300 300 229

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