French Beginners

NESA documents

Stage 6 French Beginners syllabus

Assessment and reporting in French Beginners

Support materials including past HSC papers

Advice for students

HSC examinations in Beginners language courses – advice for students (DOCX 86KB) – generic advice to support students of the Beginners course to prepare for the oral and written HSC examinations.


Practice speaking questions (DOCX 81KB) by topic

Sample listening and reading activities

These sample listening and reading resources are designed for student use.

For listening skills, students can access a combination of classroom activities and HSC-style items. Some questions include sample answers, others require the students to submit their answers for teacher review and feedback.

The resources are for classroom use only, supporting students to practise their listening and reading skills across a range of topics. Do not use them for assessment, as they are in the public domain.

Sample units of work

Friends, recreation and pastimes (DOCX 55 KB)

Holidays, travel and tourism (DOCX 56KB)

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