People, places and communities

These listening items were previously published on HSC Online.
As they are in the public domain, they should not be used for assessment.

Item 1

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What is the age difference between the boy and the girl?

There is about one and a half years’ age difference between the boy and the girl. The girl is older.

Boy: 美怡,星期六中午你有空吗?

Girl: 有,什么事?

Boy: 星期六是我的生日,想请你来我的生日会。

Girl: 你是什么时候出生的?

Boy: 一九八七年五月四号。你呢?

Girl: 我是一九八五年十月三十号。我比你大。

Item 2

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Why does the boy feel happy?

The boy is feeling happy because he understands more about different cultures after watching different shows and trying various types of food.


Item 3

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Why does the speaker’s friend say that the park brings good memories to children?

The park is a beautiful place where parents can spend Sundays together with their children. Children can run in the park, have a picnic, and enjoy the sun. Children could also enjoy stories told by their grandparents.



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