Modern Greek

In 2019, NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) released a new K-10 syllabus for Modern Greek. Teachers implement this syllabus in 2020 with Years 7 and 9, and in 2021 with Years 8 and 10.


The Languages and Culture team has developed guidelines (DOCX 193KB) to support teachers in programming for Stages 4 and 5.

There is no set format for programming documents, although there are requirements set by NESA. Our guidelines will support your planning, and also provide checklists to ensure you are meeting the requirements set by NESA.

NESA also provides advice on programming.

Sample templates can be accessed below, which can be modified to suit your context and any requirements set by your school. We also recommend you look at the resources across a range of languages (via the right-hand menu) which deliberately take different formats to broaden your layout options. NESA's sample resources provide other options to consider.

The Languages and Culture team has also designed a backward mapping tool (PDF 219KB) which can be used to plan your units of work.

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