Stages 4 and 5

The study of 100 hours of one language over one continuous 12-month period is mandatory between Years 7-10, but preferably in Years 7-8 (Stage 4).

Students may also elect a language course in Stage 5.

In Stage 5, students extend their ability to communicate and strengthen their understanding of the nature of language, culture and the processes of communication.

K-10 language syllabuses and support documentation are available from the NSW Education Standards Authority K-10 Languages page.


The sample planning proforma (DOC 57KB) can be used to plan a languages unit of work for any Stage of learning K-10.

Using the right-hand menu on this page, you can view language-specific resources.

NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) also has advice on planning units of learning, which you can access on each of their language-specific pages.

Learning across the curriculum

Information and communication technology capability

A curation of digital tools for students and teachers, to enhance language learning (DOCX 821KB).


Sample tasks

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