Participation in a Nihongo Tanken Centre program offers students full immersion in a total Japanese experience. From the initial welcome to the last goodbye, all communication is in Japanese, with centre staff experienced in communicating effectively with both Japanese and non-Japanese speakers from Kindergarten to Year 12, including students with special learning needs.

Pre-excursion materials

These are available to familiarise students with the centre in preparation for their immersion visit. No other special preparation is required prior to the visit as the program reflects what students have already studied, incorporating any special requests made by their teacher.

Programs developed by the Nihongo Tanken Centre offer a wide range of activities designed to suit every level of language proficiency. A Nihongo Tanken Centre visit is a stimulating and motivating learning experience for both students and teachers.

At the centre:

  • students engage in a 4-hour program
  • program activities introduce students to Japanese language and culture, providing them with engaging opportunities to extend and practise their language skills
  • the program is customised to suit each school’s needs
  • some activities are individual but most tasks focus on teamwork
  • the focus of the program varies and offers choices of a wide range of activities, including:
    • language skills activities (for either language introduction or extension of skills)
    • cultural awareness tasks, craftwork and art
    • combinations of these as requested by the teacher
  • students also engage in interactive tasks using an interactive whiteboard for individual as well as group work
  • if appropriate, a completely new activity can be created for your student group.

Food arrangements

A mid-morning snack is provided by the centre. Students may bring their own lunch or an obentoo can be pre-ordered for them. There is also the option of making rice balls as part of the program, using ingredients prepared by centre staff.

Japanese garden where students eat their lunch
Image: Japanese garden at the centre
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