Languages syllabus implementation

Face-to-face workshops (staff only)

A range of professional learning opportunities are available to support syllabus implementation. Use the calendar for full details and registration.

  • 7-10 – Syllabus familiarisation and planning eCourse (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Modern Greek, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese) – available March 2019 (details will be published in SchoolBiz).
  • 7-10 – Programming workshop (Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish). Prerequisite: Syllabus familiarisation and planning workshop (2018) and/or eCourse.

Click on "Look for more" in the calendar to display the full list of events.

Frequently asked questions – secondary teachers

There have been some consistent questions coming through about the new K-10 language syllabus at our face-to-face workshops and online learning events. Explore the questions and answers in our FAQs document to gain a better understanding of the key issues as you prepare for implementation.


Learning and teaching materials will be available for download from March 2019.

We have developed a series of 10 infographics which summarise the key information in the new K-10 syllabuses. You can download and print for use in your staffroom, at network meetings or for your own reference.

Online self-paced learning (staff only)

Online self-paced learning is available for NSW Department of Education staff only.

eCourse – Languages K-10 syllabus familiarisation and planning

An eCourse for teachers 7-10 is currently under development, for release in March 2019.

Adobe Connect – Languages K-10 syllabus familiarisation

This webinar was offered to teachers 7-10 in Term 2 2018 as blended learning (pre-task + Adobe Connect) and registered for 1.5 hours of professional learning.

Teachers who were unable to attend can access the pre-task and the Adobe Connect recording below. You can record your engagement with these as Teacher Identified professional learning hours.

Contact us

Konnie Zagrimanis
Languages Adviser – K-6
02 9244 5261

Stephen Nogher
A/Languages Officer K-6
02 9244 5284

Elisabeth Robertson
Coordinator, Languages and Culture – Secondary Education
02 9244 5385

Maxine Acosta
Languages Adviser – 7-12
02 9266 8540

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