Additional programs

The Department of Education, through its Learning and Teaching Directorate, offers a number of initiatives in languages programs.

The Nihongo Tanken Centre provides a stimulating and authentic Japanese environment where students from Kindergarten to Year 12 can use and further develop their Japanese language skills.

Bilingual Schools Program

The NSW Bilingual Schools Program aims to achieve greater fluency in priority Asian languages at four government primary schools. Students learn the targeted Asian language for up to one and a half hours each school day.

The four schools involved in the program and their targeted languages are:

  • Rouse Hill Public School - Chinese
  • Scotts Head Public School - Indonesian
  • Murray Farm Public School - Japanese
  • Campsie Public School - Korean.

Community Languages Program

The Community Languages Program K-6 currently provides an opportunity for primary school students to gain and/or further develop communication skills in a chosen community language. Schools may apply to participate in the program when:

  • funding is available
  • the selected language is spoken by the school community
  • parental, community and staff support is present.

There are currently 32 community languages being taught by specialist language teachers in NSW government schools.

Community languages schools deliver programs in community languages out of regular school hours.

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