The following support materials were developed by NSW public school teachers as part of the Stage 6 mEsh project where 62 teachers led writing teams (over 150 teachers) across NSW.

Teachers can adapt these materials to suit the individual needs of their schools.

Year 11 - Investigating modern history - the nature of modern history

JFK - the nature of modern history and historical investigation (DOCX116KB) - this resource integrates the nature of modern history (contestability of the past and construction of modern histories) topic, with a case study on the assassination of JFK, and the historical investigation. The aim is to investigate how the issues around the construction of history and the use, and interpretation, of evidence relate to the assassination of JFK.

The construction of modern histories

Year 11 - The shaping of the modern world

Year 12 change in the modern world

Option D The changing world order 1945 to 2011

Option F Apartheid in South Africa 1960 to 1994

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