Ancient history

Ancient history examines past societies using a wide variety of written and archaeological sources. A study of ancient history allows students to:

  • investigate past people, societies, events and historical sites using the methods of historians and archaeologists
  • understand the influence the ancient past has on the present and future
  • analyse written and archaeological evidence, question interpretations of available evidence, appreciate the need to conserve historical sites and consider changing interpretations of the past
  • communicate about history in a variety of forms.

The NESA ancient history page contains the syllabus and support materials including a sample assessment schedule, standards packages, HSC exam specifications and specimen papers.

Support materials

See the programming page for support materials for the new ancient history syllabus.

HSC revision resources

Use the following resources to support students in their studies as they prepare for the HSC exam. Use the included activities as part of classroom learning or set for independent study. The resources are designed to be used in part or in full to fit the contextual needs of your teaching.
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