The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) History K-10 syllabus page contains useful information to assist with programming Years 7-10 history, including a guide to the syllabus, sample scope and sequences and sample units.

History 7-10 learning sequences

Explore the following resources which can be incorporated into teaching and learning programs in full or can be used to supplement existing programs. Targeted teaching activities to support critical and creative thinking in the history classroom have been embedded – they are highlighted by the light blue cloud icon.

Further resources coming soon - stay tuned!

Historical inquiry continuum 7 to 10

Explore the information below to learn more about the historical inquiry process and what it can look like for different stages of learning.

Historical inquiry process

Process of historical inquiry using the history K-10 syllabus

The nature of historical inquiry in schools (PPT 2.7MB)

Additional history programming resources

Use the resources below to support your programming for history 7-10.

Ancient India is an interactive site which provides a number of activities for students to cover depth study 3, the Asian world, including a suggested site study of Mohenjodaro.

Mystery at Rookwood is an interactive website in which students examine primary sources to determine the identity of the Chinese migrant as part of depth study 2a, making a nation.

Chinese question is a collaborative resource utilising Google Apps in which groups of students investigate Chinese migrants in early 20th century Australia as part of depth study 2a, making a nation.

Off to war and A soldier's war: Gallipoli are useful interactive World War I teaching resources that can be used to teach aspects of the mandatory depth study 3, Australians at war.

History program evaluation

Tool for evaluating a teaching and learning program for history K-10 (DOCX 43KB) - use this scaffold to evaluate your history teaching and learning programs in a holistic way. Use this document to reflect on your programs as an individual or faculty, ensuring that they are compliant and fit for purpose

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