The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) geography K–10 syllabus page contains useful information to assist with programming Years 7-10 geography, including a guide to the syllabus, sample scope and sequences and sample units.

Geographical inquiry process

Use the inquiry process to support programming in geography.

Geography 7-10 teaching and learning frameworks

The following Stage 4 and 5 sample teaching and learning frameworks cover topics from the Geography K–10 Syllabus. Teachers may adapt these programs to suit the needs of individual students and their local school context.

Stage Syllabus focus Syllabus content Teaching framework
S4 Landscapes and landforms

Landscapes and landforms
Value of landscapes and landforms
Changing landscapes
Landscapes management and protection
Geomorphic hazard

Landscapes and landforms (DOCX 87KB)
S4 Place and liveability Influences and perceptions
Access to services and facilities
Environmental quality
Enhancing liveability

Place and liveability (DOCX 49KB)

Place and liveability (tools, concepts and skillls focus) (DOCX 144KB)

S4 Water in the world Water resources
The water cycle
Australia?s water resources
Water scarcity and water management
The value of water
Natural hazard
Water in the world (DOCX 64KB)
S4 Interconnections Personal connections
Production and consumption
Interconnections (DOCX 84KB)
S5 Sustainable biomes Biomes
Changing biomes
Biomes produce food
Challenges to food production
Food security
Sustainable biomes (DOCX 55KB)
S5 Changing places Causes and consequences of urbanisation
Urban settlement patterns
Internal migration
International migration
Australia?s urban future
Changing places (DOCX 66KB)

Changing places (Australia's urban future) learning sequence (DOCX 87.1KB)
S5 Environmental change and management Environments
Environmental change
Environmental management
Investigative study
Environmental change and management (DOCX 84KB)
S5 Human wellbeing Human wellbeing and development
Spatial variations in human wellbeing
Human wellbeing in Australia
Improving human wellbeing
Human wellbeing (DOCX 84 KB)

To view the continuum of learning in Geography K-10, the K-10 Geography teaching framework for Early Stage 1-Stage 3 can be found on the Early Stage 1 to Stage 3 Geography programming page.

Geography 7-10 life skills

Sample learning and teaching sequence (DOCX 116.71KB)

The document provides teachers with ideas for teaching Geography Years 7-10 Life Skills. It is designed to be amended, adapted and used according to your school policies and priorities.

Geography program evaluation

Geography K-10 program evaluation scaffold will support you to evaluate your geography teaching and learning programs in a holistic way. Use this document to reflect on your programs as an individual or faculty, ensuring that they are compliant and fit for purpose

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