These resources support teachers in implementing the geography K-6 syllabus.

Learning across the curriculum content

  • The K-10 cross curriculum resource Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures (DOCX 116KB) provides teaching and learning activities and links to resources to integrate the teaching of the key concepts of Country/Place, Culture and People with the content and outcomes of the syllabus.
  • The K-10 cross curriculum resource Sustainability (DOCX 84KB) provides ideas to embed the cross curriculum priority of sustainability within a history program through learning snapshots with links to resources across a number of different topics from K-10.
  • The K-10 cross curriculum resource Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia (PDF 903KB) provides snapshots of learning for each stage with case studies that support teachers to include the diversity of Asia, achievements and contributions of peoples of Asia and Asia-Australia engagement in geography.

Using quality literature in geography K-10

Other resources

  • Geographical toolkit – The interconnections between geographical concepts, geographical inquiry skills and geographical tools enables students to think and work geographically when investigating geographical knowledge and understandings.
  • Geography terminology continuum K-10 (DOCX 67.83KB) - The geography terminology continuum provides a list of essential vocabulary required of the NSW syllabus for the Australian curriculum K-10 geography.
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