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Style video (2 minutes 5 seconds)

Customer – Mr. Cranna, I'd recognize your style anywhere.

Mr Cranna – Well, why, thank you.

[Mr Cranna looks in mirror]

Mr Cranna – I do have a certain charm about me, don't I?

Customer – Uh, awkward. I wasn't talking about your hairstyle, Mr. Cranna.

Mr Cranna – You weren't?

Customer – No, I was talking about your writing style.

Mr Cranna – My writing style?

Customer – Yeah, I've been reading your latest comic from the school magazine. I could pick up your style anywhere.

Mr Cranna – How?

Customer – Well, your comics have a style that's unique to you. All your character drawings have big faces, crazy hair and sharp teeth. And the words you choose and the way you phrase them are also a style of your own. And your dialogue is super short and snappy. And you do love a good exclamation mark, don't you?

Mr Cranna – Hmm, I suppose I do. It makes the action in my comics move quickly.

Hairdresser – Hey, I write stuff too. My dialogue is super short and snappy.

Customer – Really?

Hairdresser – Yeah, really.

Customer – Let's hear it then.

Hairdresser – Roses are red, violets are blue, onions stink and so does glue. How's that for short and snappy, hey?

Mr Cranna – Uh...

Customer – Sure, it's short and snappy but it doesn't move the action like Mr. Cranna does. You're just tryin' to be funny. You couldn't both have exactly the same style.

Hairdresser – Why not?

Customer – Because everyone is different and our styles are a very personal thing and need to suit our purpose. Sure your styles could be similar because you live in the same place and experience similar social and cultural conditions, but they're unlikely to be exactly the same.

Hairdresser – So writing styles aren't identical but what about hairstyles?

[dramatic trumpet music]

[upbeat synthesiser music]

Customer – (clears throat) Ah!

Hairdresser – I know, right? You love it.

Mr Cranna – Uh.

Customer – No, I don't. I really don't.

[duck quacking]

End of transcript

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