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Perspective video (3 minutes 37 seconds)


Shop lady – Oh, hello sir, how can I help?

Logan – Hi, shop lady. My name is Logan, and I'm after a new perspective.

Shop lady – Well, you've certainly come to the right place. We have a smashing variety of different perspectives here, each designed to shape what you see in a text and the way you see it. [points to a number of eyeglasses on display]

Logan – Which one should I try first?

Shop lady – Well, how about these? [Logan puts on a pair of glasses adorned with fruit] Logan is modelling a fruit-lovers perspective here. Designed to make him view a text with the attitude, values, and beliefs of, you guessed it, a fruit lover. Let's watch now as he reads a text to see how this perspective shapes what he sees and the way he sees it. [Hands Logan a book to read]

Logan – By gum, there's a serious lack of fruit in this book. And what, the only piece of fruit in here, worked hard to be a part of the main characters breakfast, but the character tried a stinky old vegetable instead? Rude.

Shop lady – Interesting, let's try another perspective. How about this one. [Hands Logan a pair of glasses with musical notes on each side] Logan is now modelling the music lover's perspective. Through this perspective, he will view text with the attitudes, values, and beliefs of, that's right, you'd better believe it, music lovers. Let's see what aspects of the text this perspective brings out. [Hands Logan a book to read]

Logan – Wow, all I can see now is how much the main character loves music. He's singing while he makes the breakfast, and now he's playing the air drum while he eats his breakfast. This is awesome.

Shop lady – And what about the fruit?

Logan – What fruit?

Shop lady – Remember, you were worried about the lack of fruit in the book when you viewed the text through a fruit lover's perspective.

Logan – Pfft, fruit-shmoot, all I can see now is music.

Shop lady – Interesting, let's try one more perspective, shall we?

Logan – Oh, the world looks the same as it always does to me.

Shop lady – That's because Logan is modelling how he usually looks at things, through his own perspective. When he views the text through this perspective, he'll bring his own personal experiences, values, and beliefs to the text. Let's watch as Logan views the text through this perspective. [Hands Logan a book to read]

Logan – [Looks at the book with own glasses on] Wow, I see the text differently again. But what I'm most worried about now is that there are no boys like me in this story. I hate this book.

Shop lady – Isn't it interesting how there are so many ways of looking at one text. You know, the author of this book has a perspective, too.

Logan – Really, can I try that on?

Shop lady – Well, you can see it in things like the language they've chosen to use, what is included or left out of the text, and the way they've structured the text.

Logan – I see.

Shop lady – So, which perspective can I interest you in today, sir?

Logan – I'm not going to take just one, I'm gonna take them all. It's fun seeing text through different perspectives. It makes us think about our own values, like why don't I value fruit more? I think I'm gonna give it a go.

[Fly buzzing]

Logan – Oh, that's right. That's why I don't like fruit, it attracts fruit flies, ugh.

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