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Intertextuality video (3 minutes 28 seconds)

Ms Murray (quiz master) – Hello and welcome to Once Upon a Time the game show where I tell a story and our two contestants have to predict how the story ends by using intertextuality.

[Audience ooohs]

Mahdi – Uh, Ms. Murray, what's intertextuality again?

Ms Murray (quiz master) – [reads from a book] Intertextuality is when one text refers to another in a recognizable way. Not only is this fun for the audience, [audience laughs] but it also adds layers of meaning. [Audience aaaahhhhh] Makes sense?

Mahdi – Yes

Reannah – Kind of...

Ms Murray (quiz master) – Okay. Let the game begin.

[Audience cheers and claps]

Ms Murray (quiz master) – Once upon a time, there was a rap artist named Kevin.

[Audience ooohs]

Ms Murray (quiz master) – He loved to rap, and he was the best rapper in the world.

[Audience aaahs]

Ms Murray (quiz master) – But his one real true love was his dog, Subwoofer.

[Audience aaahs]

Ms Murray (quiz master) – One day, Kevin and Subwoofer went for a walk in the streets. There, they met a stranger.

[Audience ooohs]

Ms Murray (quiz master) – Kevin was nice to the stranger, but unbeknownst to him, that stranger was a haggard old beatboxer,

[audience boos]

Ms Murray (quiz master) – who was very jealous of Kevin's success. The stranger gave Kevin an enormous doughnut, knowing that doughnuts made Kevin really sleepy. Of course, Kevin ate the doughnut and he fell into a deep, deep sleep. So deep that he missed his big rap show that night

[Audience ooohs]

Ms Murray (quiz master) – and his fans were very angry.

[Audience aaawws]

Ms Murray (quiz master) – The beatboxer was really happy. She planned to takeover as the best hip-hop artist in the world! But people missed sleeping Kevin.

[Audience aaars]

Ms Murray (quiz master) – No one knew what to do to wake Kevin up. But do you, do you know how this story ends?


Ms Murray (quiz master) – Madhi!

Mahdi – With a kiss?

Ms Murray – (quiz master) –That answer's almost right.

[Audience ooohs]


Ms Murray (quiz master) – Reannah!

Reannah – With a kiss from the beatboxer.

Ms Murray (quiz master) – That answer's not right at all.


Ms Murray (quiz master) –Madhi!

Mahdi – With a kiss from Kevin's one true love, his dog Subwoofer. Subwoofer gives Kevin a lick, and then he wakes up.

Ms Murray (quiz master) – That answer's just right!

[Fanfare plays and audience cheers]

Ms Murray (quiz master) – For a bonus point, could you tell me how you knew that's how the story would end?

Mahdi – Because it reminded me of the story of Snow White. Snow White wakes up after being kissed by her one true love.

Ms Murray (quiz master) –Excellent!


Ms Murray (quiz master) – Yes, Reannah.

Reannah – When you said "Nearly right, not right at all", and "just right" about our answers, were you referring to the way Goldilocks says "Too hot" or "Too cold" and "Just right" in Goldilocks and the Three Bears?

Ms Murray (quiz master) –Yes! It was another intertextual reference! You get a bonus point too.

Reeanah – Yes! I love intertextuality. It is so fun.

Ms Murray (quiz master) –You heard it straight from the student's mouths. That's all we have time for today on Once Upon a Time. Bye now.

End of transcript

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