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Representation video 2 minutes 46 seconds

[characters are all sitting on chairs holding art books and pencils]

Erin – So what's that drawing assignment for today, Mr. Cranna?

Mr Cranna – Today, I want you to draw a hero. And go!

[Horns play]

Mahdi and Mr Cranna – Done.

Erin – Done.

Mr Cranna – Time to reveal our drawings.

Erin – Wow they're all super different.

Mahdi – How? We all drew the same thing. A hero.

Mr Cranna – Our drawings are different because they're our individual representations of a hero. A representation is how we depict things or ideas, when we compose a text. In this case, a drawing. When we try to represent things in the world, we are influenced by our experiences, beliefs, cultural background and the audience for whom we're making the text.

Erin – Right, nah still don't get it.

Mr Cranna – Well, let's look at our drawings. I've used a werewolf to represent my hero, because I usually use werewolves as the main character in my comics and I always think of them as saving the day. But Erin, your representation of a hero is very different.

Erin – Yeah, well I don't think of werewolves as being heroic. I think of them as being scary.

Mahdi – So who's your hero, then?

Erin – Australian Paralympian, Jocelyn Neumiller. She's a para-canoest and competed in the Rio Paralympics.

Mr Cranna – Why have you chosen her as your representation of a hero?

Erin – Because she's got discipline and she competes in a very hard sport at the highest level.

Mahdi – Well my representation of a hero isn't a werewolf because I'm pretty sure I'm allergic. And it isn't of a sports star either, because I'm allergic to sports as well.

Erin – Then who is it?

Mahdi – It's my grandmother. My Tata's is my hero because she loves me no matter how many times I get things wrong and she gives the best hugs.

Mr Cranna – See how our representations the same thing, a hero can be so different. My representation of a hero is someone who saves the day in my stories. Erin's, is someone who is disciplined. While, Mahdi sees a hero, as someone who provides unconditional love.

Mahdi – Actually, Mr. Cranna. I've got a new representation of a hero, now.

Mr Cranna – You do?

Mahdi – Yeah, this apple.

Erin – How can an apple be representation of a hero?

Mahdi – Cause it's about to save me from my hunger.

End of transcript

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