English EAL/D

English EAL/D addresses the needs of a specific group of students and shares the overall aim and rationale of English. When presented at the HSC, the English EAL/D course will satisfy NESA requirements for the study of English. The English EAL/D course sits beside English (Standard) and the English (Advanced) courses, and shares the overall aim and rationale of English.

Students who have been using English as their primary language of instruction for five years or less at the start of the Preliminary course may be eligible to study the English EAL/D course.

English EAL/D is designed for students from diverse non-English speaking, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds as designated by the course entry requirements. The students engage in a variety of language learning experiences to develop and consolidate their use, understanding and appreciation of Standard Australian English, to enhance their personal, social, educational and vocational lives. The students learn to respond to and compose a wide variety of texts in a range of situations in order to be effective, creative and confident communicators.

Support materials

The materials were developed by NSW public school teachers as part of the Stage 6 mEsh project where 62 teachers led writing teams (over 150 teachers) across NSW.

Scope and sequence

Teachers can adapt the following units of work as required.

Year 11 - Module A - Language and texts in context

Language and texts in context - Displacement

Year 12 - Module C - Close study of text

Year 12 - Concurrent module - Focus on writing

If you need further assistance with accessibility for any of these resources, please get in touch with us at SecondaryEducationUnit@det.nsw.edu.au

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