Professional learning

Professional learning calendar

Plan and register for professional learning.

Learning on demand

Within learning on demand you can find professional learning modules that will support your teaching of English. They cover a range of topics including: writing portfolios as assessment for Stages 4 and 5, quality assessment, teaching and learning in the virtual space and ways to evaluate the teaching of Stage 6. There are also sessions to support learning across the curriculum and literacy and numeracy.

Professional learning

Where appropriate, courses have been:

  • designed by the English secondary curriculum team using evidence and data to meet the needs of students and teachers
  • aligned to department policies and priorities
  • aligned to NSW syllabuses
  • contextualised for the specific needs and priorities of NSW public schools
  • quality assured to support high-quality teaching to improve every student
  • shaped by testing and feedback from NSW teachers and schools
  • informed by the elements of the High Impact Professional Learning framework
  • developed using evidence-based practices and practical strategies for immediate classroom use
  • developed to incorporate the themes of External link CESE's What works best: 2020 updateExternal link
  • aligned to the External link Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.
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