The following units of work can be adapted by teachers to suit the individual needs of their students.

Stage 4

Character study within poetry (3+ hours)

A unit of work about character in poetry.

Code and convention

A unit to develop students' thinking imaginatively, creatively, interpretively and critically about information, ideas and arguments to respond to and compose texts.

Crafting character (3-4 hours)

A unit aimed at students refining their understanding of the conventions of the short story form, the process of characterisation, and the features of narrative.

Creative writing (3-4 hours)

A unit that can be utilised within a larger unit of work in order to develop capacity with language and creative writing skills.

Film study: Finding Nemo (3-4 hours)

A unit focused on a student guided inquiry into characterisation using the film text Finding Nemo.

Representation in advertising (5-8 hours)

A unit based on developing student understanding of representation and how it is constructed by the composer.

Are you talking to me?

Are you talking to me? is a Year 7 unit of work. It enables students to explore difference and diversity through imaginative thinking and writing.

i Space

iSpace is a unit of work for early Year 7. It focuses on autobiographical representations of lived experiences. It facilitates student reflection on their cultural background, past experiences, identity and how they fit into the high school environment.

From page to page: multimodal narrative

From page to page: multimodal narratives focuses on visual literacy and comprehending sequential art narratives. An exploration of graphic novels leads to a detailed study of Nathan Jurevicius' Scarygirl and its computer game appropriation.

Stage 5

ALARM template for novel study (5-8 hours)

A unit of work that asks students to complete a scaffold that guides them to demonstrate their understanding of how context, characterisation and theme are relevant to their understanding or appreciation of a text.

Exploring the Gothic conventions in short animated film (4-6 hours)

A unit that guides students to learn about gothic conventions as part of a wider unit on genre, or short film, or creating mood/setting/description in fiction and film specifically looking at gothic animation.

Concepts – Perspective in war poetry

This lesson can be used to analyse concepts of perspective, context or representation.

Character and context in Macbeth

In this activity you will look at how Shakespeare describes the character Macbeth.

Documenting our world

Documenting our world engages students in contemporary issues through the study of documentary films. Students view two documentaries before undertaking the task of composing their own documentary in a small group.

In their position

In their position explores the representations of refugees and asylum seekers in global, national and personal contexts. Students engage with multiple perspectives and critically analyse the power of language to persuade and position audiences.

Representations of school

Representations of school explores students' perceptions of school and teachers and their responses to historical and contemporary representations of school, teachers and students in a wide range of texts.

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