S3: Exploring text selection transcript

Teacher – Vicky Valensise: The English concept that we were looking at this term was character. The perfect text for that was Anthony Browne's 'Piggy Book'. This level of text was the next level up from our previous text. The author gave direct characterisation of that character. And so we needed a text that increased in complexity, where the character traits were not directly stated. The power of the language in quality literature is something that students learn to understand, manipulate and appreciate. It allows students to think in new and deep and critical ways. And it's a powerful tool to use in the English classroom.

All of a sudden, Anthony Browne represents the mother in a very different way to all the other characters. What changes from how the males are represented in the text to how the mother is represented?

Student 1: Everything that she does is almost slouched and her head is always face-down, almost as if...almost as if she doesn't want to look up for hope. And she's always doing all of the clothes, which means that she's always tired of doing it, and it just means that she doesn't want to look up and look at the possibilities that are there for her.

Teacher – Vicky Valensise: OK.

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