S1: Multimodal texts build meaning transcript


Teacher: With the introduction of the new syllabus the emphasis is very much on using quality literature in the classroom and importantly on making meaning. ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is a prime example of how an author has used various visual literacy techniques in order to convey meaning in a text. And so it encourages students to identify how authors have used these strategies to achieve meaning, to make meaning which is what the new syllabus is all about.

So, what is the motif? The motif is the … Pheral?

Student: The trees and other plants.

Teacher: The trees and the plants. And they’re changing, they’re getting bigger on each page. Now, have a think about it. Arish, why are those trees getting bigger and bigger on each page? What is Max doing at this point?

Student: He’s imagining more.

Teacher: He’s imagining more and where is he going in that imagination?

Student: He’s going to a forest.

Teacher: Okay, so what could the trees be showing you? It’s showing you that he’s …

Student: Imagining.

Teacher: Yeah, he’s escaping into that imagination. Very good.

By using this quality literature in the classroom it then shows them the techniques and strategies that they can use when making their own compositions. And it gives them the skills, the strategies, the knowledge that they need in order to achieve a similar purpose within their own texts.


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