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Teacher: Quality literature is very important to use in a classroom because I just feel with the quality teaching framework it specifies that they can relate to it, it?s significant to their learning and I feel when you have a rich text the kids can get more out of it and they feel more engaged when they?re learning with quality literature.

What kind of character is King Pig? Who remembers what kind of character he is?

Student: He is a grumpy.

Teacher: He?s a bit grumpy, yeah, he?s grumpy. How do you know he?s grumpy?

Student: He?s grumpy because his face and his expression looks grumpy.

Teacher: Yeah, he does doesn?t he?

I supported my students by always having the board where I had done the explicit model teaching, they could always refer back to it and they were scaffolded through my questioning.

You have to remember to look at the whole page. Remember, we?re not just focusing here, we?re looking at the whole page. Refer to the board where we did it together and I want you to have a look. How does the picture work with the words?

We have a class journal and it?s our learning journal and we sit in a large circle, we pull down, we bring the activities down with us that they have just done. So it?s in front of them and they?re responding to what they?ve just completed.

Now, that you understand how words and pictures work together and why Nick Bland chose that way, I want to talk about how could we change this picture to make the sheep actually listen to King Pig? How could we change what?s on the picture if we wanted to write the words ?The sheep always listened to King Pig??


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