Hannah Prenzler video transcript


TEXT: Hannah has sensory processing disorder and she preferred to write her interview responses.

TEXT QUESTION: What did you bring from your experiences in Yr 11 that help you develop your BOW?

HANNAH PRENZLER TEXT: My Yr 11 art teacher, Mr. Tait Sr., taught us a lot of fundamentals such as the main principles of artistic practice. We were also encouraged to begin approaching paintings with a clear intent and message: thus including a prepatory stage combined with research. These were very important lessons that I found really helped with the overall process of my HSC art journey.


TEXT QUESTION: What were your ideas in the initial stages of your BOW?

HANNAH PRENZLER TEXT: Being born in Korea, and thus interested in Korean culture, I initially wanted to use that as a basis for my artwork. That is, a series of seven artworks, depicting the stages of the moon at what it represents, combined with portraits of various Korean idols.


TEXT QUESTION: How did your idea change over time?

HANNAH PRENZLER TEXT: My art teacher was quick to point at my lack of 'personal' connection with that idea. While I did have the personal connection with Korea, I found that finding something much more intrinsic within my own personal identity would play out better into a final piece.


TEXT QUESTION: How did you use your VAPD in developing, exploring and refining your ideas?

HANNAH PRENZLER TEXT: I mainly used it for thumb nailing processes as well as sticking in the pieces of research that I had compiled. Because of my sensory processing issues I am restricted in what materials I use and therefore there wasn?t much experimentation of that sort.


TEXT QUESTION: Outline one challenge you faced in making your BOW and discuss how you resolved it?

HANNAH PRENZLER TEXT: The biggest challenge was visualising the senses. I had to really think long and hard about 'what hearing looks like', and 'what sight looks like?. It's one thing explaining the sensations in words, and it?s another actually putting those words and ideas down onto paper into a coherent piece of art.


TEXT QUESTION: How did you determine what expressive form to place your work in and did it change over time?

HANNAH PRENZLER TEXT: I actually started out with watercolours however it became apparent that I lacked the necessary expertise for that to work. However, something I?m very comfortable with is lead pencils. So, after consultation with my teacher, I ultimately decided to do pencil portraits.

TEXT QUESTION: What structures helped to manage the making of your BOW?

HANNAH PRENZLER TEXT: Having such a small class included invaluable one-on-one with the teacher about your BOW. This, and a pre-established schedule was a major factor in the successful completion of my art HSC as a whole.

TEXT QUESTION: What advice could you give to help students starting out now?

HANNAH PRENZLER TEXT: Do not leave it to the last minute. You could be an artistic genius but that won?t save you is you have a week left to complete your BOW and only ten shots of espresso to keep your brain from self-imploding. Also take the time to talk to your teacher. They?re there to help you.

End of transcript.

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