Visual arts teaching and learning resources

Stage 6 case study

Image of an Australian flag held up over a coastline with the text 'Free snags with tabouli' written on it.

The stage 6 HSC case study 'Free snags with tabouli' focuses on Australian visual artists who provide a platform to address multiculturalism, tolerance and equality in Australia.  It references to the Cronulla Riots and artists who reflect on this in their practice. This study links to the NSW Stage 6 Visual Art syllabus by addressing the frames, conceptual framework and practice developing students’ knowledge and understanding of visual arts in their critical and historical accounts.

These documents can be used as one of the five case studies taught in stage 6. The case study contains a HSC visual arts program, case study booklets, yearly assessment schedule, scope and sequence, practical assessment task,  art criticism / history assessment task and stage 6 visual arts life skills modified assessment tasks for both practical and art criticism / history.

Visual arts posters

The visual arts frames, conceptual framework and practice posters are available to print and display in your classroom via the links below.

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) visual arts page contains the syllabus and helpful materials including a sample assessment schedule, HSC exam specifications, advice for HSC submitted works and how to set up rooms for itinerant marking, specimen exams, marking guidelines for practical tasks, standards materials, past papers additional support information.

Visual Arts and Design Educators Association contains professional learning and resource materials for all stages.

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