Music 2

Music 2 is one of 3 Stage 6 music courses. The syllabus intends to develop the knowledge and skills of students who are interested in pursuing employment in the classical and professional music industry and tertiary institutions through the study of the social, cultural and societal impacts, functions and contributions of music around the world. Designed to build on the learning in the mandatory 7-10 course, students in music 2 are encouraged to have completed an elective music course and be involved in after-school music activities. Students should also have a particular interest in Western art music. An acceptable level of understanding in notation is expected  prior to commencing the course.

Music 2 students will build on their prior knowledge of the concepts of music through the learning experiences of performance, composition, musicology and aural to manipulate and understand the concepts of music in varying musical contexts.

Music teaching and learning resources may be useful in the programming of music in Stage 6.

Learning from home resources

Student guided online learning sequences to support learning from home or in the classroom are available from our Music teaching and learning resources page

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