Transcript of Introduction to other Voices video

LAMORNA NIGHTINGALE: Hi. My name’s Lamorna Nightingale.

ALEX MANTON: And I’m Alex Manton.

LAMORNA NIGHTINGALE: Other voices is a performance, recording, and education project based on three new electroacoustic works for flute and electronics by Australian composer educators, Cat Hope, Tristan Coelho, and Fiona Hill. It provides access points for young composers, performers, and their teachers to explore the potential for combining electronic music with instruments and voice.

ALEX MANTON: This education kit provides detailed lesson plans and resource materials for stages four, five, and six, including music one and music two. The activities in the kit draw together the key learning areas of composition, musicology, performance, and oral skills. The content utilizes a range of musical genres from pop to art music to assist the students in their understanding of the electronic genre and to provide a stepping stone into the art music of today.

LAMORNA NIGHTINGALE: There is much to be explored through this music, including extended flute and vocal technique, creating soundscapes, graphic score interpretation, and basic computer electronic skills for exploring techniques such as delay, reverb, EQ, looping, and effects.

All technological components within the kit come with videos with step by step instructions on how to use them and how to best implement the technology within the classroom for teaching and learning purposes.

ALEX MANTON: We hope that you enjoy exploring what the electronic genre has to offer and that it assists you in how to effectively teach this exciting and engaging style of music to your students.

End of transcript.

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