Visual arts

Visual arts involves making various art forms such as painting, drawing and digital media,

Students also appreciate various artists, artworks and audiences.


Waste as art :

Operation Art:

  • create artworks in your classroom
  • take inspiration from 20 artworks at the 2019 Operation Art Exhibition.
  • each lesson contains syllabus outcomes and indicators directly linked to teaching and learning activities with suggestions for formative assessment.

Beyond the Dots:

  • demonstrates effective ways to structure a visual arts lesson through examples of strong pedagogy.

Sample unit starters

The following sample units have been created using the Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus

and School planning for the creative arts (NESA)


NESA syllabus and support materials :

  • units of work
  • student work samples
  • advice on programming

Australian curriculum work samples:

  • portfolios of student work.
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