Transcript of listening and performing video

Transcript of Listening and performing video


JADE MYERS: We normally start by singing, it’s something that all children can do and they’re not very intimidated by it. So, we always say it before we play it, then when we go onto our moving the kids generally move to the beat anyway and it’s a good way to get them in time and to get them used to playing together.

We’ve used certain little chants and some beatboxing in our actual performance piece.

So, the chants actually help the students to remember their little ostinato pattern that they repeat throughout the playground scene. One of them we used was I like cheese and I like chips and that really helped the students to remember what they were playing.

We also used a bit of beatboxing in there which the kids really, really enjoy.

We use some stomps, we can use some knee pats, clicks, claps to actually compose a piece of music without needing any resources.

It took a bit of encouraging and a bit of conversation with them about the dynamics. At first a lot of them were using the terms high and low which we had to reinforce that that was actually the pitch and that the dynamics meant how loud or soft the volume actually was.

So, the bucket drum piece was interesting to begin with, they all wanted to hit their bucket drums as loud as they could. They thought the louder, the better.

We worked through that and experimented with playing them a bit softer and how it actually added a bit of excitement in the louder parts if we didn’t just have it loud the whole way through.

So, that was something that we decided as a group that we would do throughout our performance. And I tried to indicate that to them by raising my hand or lowering my hand as to how loud or soft I wanted them to play throughout the performance.



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