Transcript of Introduction to Organising Sound video

Introduction to Organising sound video

PHILIP REES: It?s by developing our aural skills and our listening skills that we?re able to classify sounds, we?re able to hear sounds, we?re able to identify sounds, we?re able to remember sounds just by developing these skills that we?re able to perform.

I?ve had a listen to some of the instruments that you have made and created and they make terrific sounds. Now, we?re looking at the sounds of our playground, aren?t we? We would hear birds, boys and girls playing games. What sort of games would we play? Basketball.

Basketball, oh so let?s have a listen. A basketball bouncing would be a rhythmical sound. So, what instrument we could use for a basketball could maybe be these balloons. Let?s have a listen, like a basketball. Let?s bounce the basketball while they?re doing that.

Yeah, that?s really good.

And also we?d have sounds of birds. And I heard this little flute. Oh, that?s a bird call. Now, a bird call sings the same two notes, sometimes over and over again with a little bit of a gap between. Now, what about these ones here, let?s have a listen to this. Oh, yeah. And there?s another bird that goes doo whip, doo whip like a Whip Bird. Maybe we could try this for the Whip Bird. Oh, that?s great. So, let?s hear the birds. What about the lid?

Oh, yeah, we?re starting to get all these things.

Other sounds we might have on the playground with maybe boys and girls walking. And gradually we add this together. And also I heard these horns because I see there?s a busy road outside and there?s roadworks being done down the street. And sometimes you hear trucks that sound a bit angry. Yeah, now what we have to do now is we have to put

all these things together to create a piece of music that shows the different things that happen in our playground as well.


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