When the clouds are sinking low

Partner Songs – what can music tell us about the past?


Watch the following short video overview by the composer, Tracy Burjan:

Watch the following short video overview of the teaching points:


All the places in this song are in Australia. Many towns have Aboriginal names such as Nar Nar Goo which is the Aboriginal name for koala, Bong Bong meaning blind or a watercourse lost in a swamp and Chinkapook which is thought to have had origins in the Aboriginal words for foot, red pool or red ochre. Research the others mentioned in the song to discover the meanings and their mysteries. The composer did her own research to find these unusual places!

Musically, this song is made up of two songs that can be sung separately or together. It’s a two for one deal! These types of songs are known as partner songs. Whilst this takes time to practice, the beautiful harmonies are worth striving for.

Places in Australia including original Aboriginal names

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