Rubbish rap

Speech and song – how do we make a rap?

Watch the following short video overview by the composer, Tracy Burjan discussing Rubbish rap:

Watch the following short overview of the teaching points:

Listen to the full performance:

Download a copy of the full performance (MP3, 5.6MB)

Listen to the shortened performance:

Download a copy of the shortened performance (MP3, 4.2MB)

Listen to the full backing track:

Download a copy of the full backing track (MP3, 5.6MB)

Listen to the shortened backing track:

Download a copy of the shortened backing track (MP3, 4.2MB)


The aim of this piece is to explore the first steps to music making using speech. This can be identified as rhythmic speech, chant or rap. Speech is one of the most accessible and engaging ways to explore music and allows for easy integration into class topics and literacy learning.

In this piece, students will be engaged in learning a chant whilst exploring all musical concepts through a variety of learning experiences including performing, organising sound and listening.

Rubbish Rap delves into a relevant topic of reducing, reusing and recycling. It forces children to think about this critical issue in an interesting and exciting way.

Begin by learning the reduced version of the rap, then build up to the full version. Explore with movement and instruments following the lesson ideas and then use the backing tracks and suggestions to make your own chants or raps. This backing track can be used in repeatedly to suit your needs.


This resource and associated activities is available in Word format for you to download and print:

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