Music programs should incorporate performing (singing, playing and moving), organising sound and listening. The Creative arts K-6 syllabus outlines the musical concepts of duration, pitch, dynamics, tone colour and structure.

Musical concepts of duration – beat, rhythm, tempo, metre, pitch – high and low and melodic contour, dynamics – volume and changes of volume, tone colour – instrument sounds and styles and structure – how the sounds are put together.
Musical Concepts Explained

The following templates can be used by teachers to plan a unit of work.

Sample lesson ideas

Teaching and learning activities

The following resources come from Vocal Ease modules 1-4. They provide strategies which can be adapted to suit the individual needs of students. They are suitable for K–6 students.

Learning activities Audio link Sheet music
Dig a potato (DOCX 42KB)Dig a potato (PDF 169KB)
Sister Cindy (DOCX 42KB)Sister Cindy (PDF 255KB)
Underneath the mango tree (DOCX 101KB)Underneath the mango tree (PDF 212KB)
Ms Sue (DOCX 99KB)Ms Sue (PDF 161KB)
Peanut butter and jelly (DOCX 41KB)Peanut butter and jelly (PDF 305KB)
Mal, mal, mal (DOCX 63KB)Mal, mal, mal (PDF 216KB)
Obwisana is an African stone passing game which can be treated similarly to Mal, mal, mal (DOCX 63KB).
Obwisana (PDF 225KB)

The following unit of work is suitable for Stages 2 and 3.

Unit Audio link Sheet music

Crash (DOCX 833KB)
In this program students demonstrate a basic knowledge of musical concepts. Rhythmic and melodic features of songs are discussed.

Crash (PDF 221KB)

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