Stage 4 –Year 7 – assessment task – contribution to class anthology – Term 1

This assessment notification has been designed for Term 1 of Year 7. It provides opportunities for the teacher to develop a rapport with their class while getting to know their needs, interests and abilities.

It can be used as: a basis for the teacher’s own program, assessment, or scope and sequence; or be used as an example of how the English K–10 Syllabus (NESA 2022) could be implemented. The resource should be used with timeframes that are created by the teacher to meet the overall assessment schedule.

The task and student samples also provide an opportunity for modelled and guided co-construction as a class prior to students beginning their own compositional process.



The new syllabus is to be taught in Years 3 to 10 from 2024.

Detailed implementation information including key features and resources is available on the English syllabus development page (NESA).

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