Leading English 7-12 – HSC monitoring update

This resource is part of a suite of professional learning is targeted directly towards faculty and aspiring leaders. This suite of learning provides advice around issues including compliance, faculty monitoring and effective leadership practices.

Audience: Stage 6 teachers and leaders

Watch 'HSC Monitoring update with Kate Thompson' (30:47)

Kate Thompson – Stage 6 Advisor provides a detailed update of the HSC Monitoring procedures

(Duration: 30 minutes 47 seconds)

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This session supports teachers and leaders of English to develop an understanding of the HSC Monitoring processes and the way this process supports curriculum compliance.

Please note: The 2022 HSC and RoSA Monitoring advice is available via the Stage 6 webpage.

Guest presenter

Kate Thompson – Stage 6 Advisor


The following structure guides the session:

  • the NSW Department of Education’s (DoE) HSC Monitoring guidelines and what is required for teachers and faculty leaders
  • how to implement these documents, ways to address common problems and connect to current policies and practices.

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This accredited professional learning is connected to the domains:

  • Professional engagement – Standard 6 – Engage in professional learning
    • 6.2 - engage in professional learning and improve practice.
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