Differentiated approaches to transition

How can we ensure the needs of all students are addressed?

Evidence suggests that some children may need a tailored support approach to experience a positive start to school.

High potential and gifted education

Within the department’s High Potential and Gifted Student Education Policy, communicating assessment information to support transition and collaborating with families and communities is identified as the principal’s responsibility. Engaging with the transition guidelines during the planning cycle will allow schools to meet the specific learning needs of high potential and gifted students across all domains.

Children, families and community from low socio-economic areas

The department is committed to supporting students to connect, succeed and thrive at each stage of their development and learning. To support the wellbeing of all children, strong collaborative processes help schools to identify, respond and connect with the local community. This will strengthen relationships and support the school in responding to local needs.

Children with disability and learning support needs

Inclusive education requires an ongoing process of collaboration, reflection, evaluation and tailoring transition experiences for children with disability to ensure a strong, happy start to school.

Culturally diverse communities

The department's Multicultural plan (PDF 1804 KB) aims to support students who have English as an additional language/dialect (EAL/D), and refugee and newly arrived students through the delivery of sustainable programs and resources. and refugee and newly arrived students through the delivery of sustainable programs and resources.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families

The success of a strengths-based approach to transition is evident when schools acknowledge the skills and existing knowledge that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children bring with them to school. Recognition from the school’s transition planning team that the community is a crucial source of resource ensures genuine consultation with the local Aboriginal community, organisations and Aboriginal Education Consultative Group

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