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Narrator – Learning for children is everywhere. It's happening every day, in every way. At home, at preschool, everywhere.

Children are constantly learning from their engagement with people, places and things as they make sense of their world.

The learning doesn't have to be separated from the routines and everyday tasks that are happening in the home.

Families can encourage and extend their child's learning through everyday activities and routines like helping around the house, running errands, bath and bedtime.

Everyday activities can support children's maths, coordination and self-help skills. For example at meal times children can help set the table, count the number of plates needed and pour their own drinks. In the bath a child can be encouraged to trying to float a range of different items and discuss both floating and sinking with their family. These concepts are the beginning of learning about science.

Children can help sort the washing into black white and coloured clothes, coordinate the pegs and help hang the washing on the line by reaching, extending and balancing.

Even an everyday routine like getting dressed can provide learning opportunities like putting the right shoe on the right foot and choosing the right clothes to suit the weather.

These are just some examples of how small learning opportunities can be incorporated into everyday routines for children.

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