Transcript of Learning in the early years

Transcript of Learning in the early years video (2:18)

Narrator – There are strong connections to children in early childhood and at school.

The Early Years Learning Framework which talks about what how children learn in early childhood consists of five learning outcomes that are considered important for future success in learning children's identity, connection to people and place, wellbeing, capability and effective communication.

Learning outcome 1 is about children being confident in who they are to feel safe and secure, be resilient and to understand how they connect to their family, community and culture.

Learning outcome 2 is about children being connected to their community and culture and understanding the impact of their actions on the world around them, including being environmentally responsible.

Learning outcome 3 is about children being healthy and active and feeling good about themselves which all contributes to their sense of wellbeing.

Learning outcome 4 is about children being confident and involved learners who can research, problem solve, think critically, be creative and extend on what they have learned.

Learning outcome 5 is about children being effective communicators as they learn about language and maths by exploring sounds, patterns and numbers in their world.

Learning is not always predictable and linear. It is individual to each child's context experiences and learning needs.

Children's learning is ongoing and each child will progress towards the outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework in different and equally meaningful ways.

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