This professional learning supports staff to complete and use the Transition to school statement effectively to support the transition to school. It:

  • discusses the purpose, importance and role of the Transition to School Statement in supporting continuity of learning, as well as a tool for professional collaborations across settings
  • identifies how the Early Years Learning Framework feeds into the Early Stage 1 curriculum to support continuity of learning
  • examines how to complete the statement by providing meaningful, strengths-based information which can be used to support continuity of learning, and therefore a strong and successful start to school.

Target audience

Early childhood educators and Early Stage 1 school staff

Mode of delivery

This professional learning is registered with NESA and can be accessed via MyPL to gain hours for completion.

Transition to school statement two-part series via MyPL (RG14423) 1 hour 45 minutes

Alternatively, you can access the online professional learning via Microsoft Stream. Please note, completing the online learning using the link below will not provide you with NESA registered hours.

Transition to school statement – Part 1

Transition to school statement – Part 2

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